PaperMints MouthMasks


The unique Mint pearls with a double cap for a double long lasting action instantly.

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Finally outside, but with a mouth mask?
Hopefully back on the street soon, in the sun. And see our friends and family again. But probably with strict safety rules when we restart the economy.
A mouth mask is already compulsory in Austria.
This may also be the case in our country so as not to infect each other.
Because many virologists continue to spread mouth masks.
And the Belgian College of General Medicine recommends wearing a mask for everyone.

Why are these mouth masks so scary?
These surgical masks are rather sinister for walking on the street or shopping. Have you also wondered why there are no beautiful mouth masks that don’t scare people?

Create positive vibrations in these difficult corona times!

This facial mask is an ecological alternative
– it is not a disposable mouth mask.
The fabric can be washed up to 95 degrees Celsius, so it can be sterilized.
It is therefore perfectly reusable.
– It is made in Europe, therefore an excellent CO2 footprint.

• Ideal as to send in an envelope to customers to
• For the first events, summer events which are admitted again.
• Think of all the postponed parties and barbecues.
• What about catering? Think of #horecacomeback.
• And for chain stores that reopen.
• Public markets and reopening of schools….
• For students back to school
• for our cleaning heroes
• …..

And of course, first, to protect your own employees and their loved ones when they return to your business.

These are not chirurgical masks but washable masks for personal use.  The mouth masks are individually packed but do not contain a filter


The mouth masks are made in microfiber 220gr /m² with  OEKOTEX 100 class 1 certificate(see info on next page) , and have 1 layer.  One measure : 180 x 150 mm.

What does the label mean?

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 increases consumer safety. Test criteria and limit values ​​in many cases far exceed the applicable national and international standards. Extensive product controls and regular company audits also help industry to be aware of the sustainable and responsible use of chemicals.


If a textile article carries the STANDARD 100 label, you can be certain that every component of this article, i.e. every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless in human ecological terms. The test is conducted by our independent OEKO-TEX® partner institutes on the basis of our extensive OEKO-TEX® criteria catalog. ( In the test they take into account numerous regulated and non-regulated substances, which may be harmful to human health. In many cases the limit values for the STANDARD 100 go beyond national and international requirements. The criteria catalog is updated at least once a year and expanded with new scientific knowledge or statutory requirements. It is not easy for manufacturers and customers to keep an overview of the legal situation concerning harmful substances every day. Our experts from the OEKO-TEX® institutes do this for you.

Test criteria

Since the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® was introduced in 1992, scientifically founded test criteria, limit values ​​and test methods. Based on a comprehensive and strict catalog of measures, with hundreds of individual regularized fabrics, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® takes into account:

  • Legal regulations related to, for example, prohibited azo dyes, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium and nickel
  • Numerous harmful chemicals, even if there are no legal regulations yet.
  • Requirements included in Annexes XVII and XIV of the European Chemicals Regulation REACh and of the ECHA SVHC Candidate List when assessed by the expert groups of the OEKO-TEX® Association as relevant in fabrics, textiles, clothing and accessories. Discussions and developments that are considered relevant are taken into account as quickly and effectively as possible by updating the requirements for STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
  • Requirements of the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) related to lead.
  • Numerous ecologically relevant fabric classes.

Additional information

Weight 0.130 kg
Dimensions 24 × 12.5 × 3 cm