PaperMints Pastilles+Vitamins DISCOVERY BOX


Discover our range of pastilles + vitamins. Sugar free – Gluten free – Nut free – Egg free – Vegan – Lactose free

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Box to discover the three flavours of PaperMints Pastilles+Vitamins

The 3 flavours are Eucalyptus, Honey or Lemon.

PaperMints Pastilles+Vitamins are 3 flavours of pastilles enriched with vitamins (C, B6, B12), zinc and Echinacea.

They contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. They help the body to fight against viruses and bacteria. These lozenges are unique in the world and no competition offers the same essential benefits. Possible flavours are Eucalyptus, Honey or Lemon.

Discover our range with this MIX box

Sugar free/ Gluten free/ Nut free/ Egg free/ Vegan/ Lactose free

We also sell them in displays of 10 of the same taste.
If you are interested please contact us for prices

Additional information

Weight 0.134 kg
Dimensions 9.4 × 6.5 × 5.2 cm