PaperMints Surprise BOX (one of all)


Discover our product range. Let us surprise you with a fantastic refreshing experience No sugar, zero calories Always a fresh breath after a smoke or drink

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SURPRISE Box with different PaperMints products

Box with 1 unit of all :

  • PaperMints Strips unit
  • CoolCaps tube with 18 pearls
  • CoolCaps BOX 40  filled with 40 CoolCaps and a one by one pearl disributing system  
  • PaperMints Mouth Spray  
  • PaperMints Pastilles + Vitamins (eucalyptus or honey or lemon)

Discover our product range and let us surprise you with a fantastic refreshing experience.

No sugar, zero calories

PaperMints Strips: The famous mint leaves that melt on your tongue. This way they procure you a refreshing breath after a drink  or a smoke.

PaperMints CoolCaps : The ONLY double capsule in the world. One pearl contains 2 liquid capsules. The outer pearls melts in the mouth, the inner pearl melts in the stomach. This procures a longlasting breathcare.

PaperMints MoutSpray : Highly concentrated sugarfree MouthSpray with 100% natural Mint Plant extracts WITHOUT alcohol.

PaperMints Pastilles+Vitamins : These are 3 flavors of lozenges enriched with vitamins (C, B6, B12), zinc and echinacea. They contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. They help the body fight against viruses and bacteria. These tablets are unique in the world and no competition offers the same essential advantages. Possible flavors are Eucalyptus,Honey or Lemon

All ingredients an info of of the products are to be found on the page of each product

Additional information

Weight 0.106 kg
Dimensions 9.4 × 6.5 × 5.2 cm