CoolCaps 6 One-by-One Box MINT (40 pearls) 3.50€/pc


The unique Mint pearls with a double cap for a double long lasting fresh breath action instantly.

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6 x COOLCAPS BOX40 filled with 40 CoolCaps pearls

BOX 40  filled with 40 CoolCaps and a one by one pearl disributing system .

Little plastic box containing 40 pearls with  mint liquid

Let us surprise you with a fantastic refreshing experience.

PaperMints CoolCaps : The ONLY double capsule in the world. One pearl contains 2 liquid capsules. The outer pearls melts in the mouth, the inner pearl melts in the stomach.

This procures a longlasting breathcare.

Always a fresh breath !  Ideal for proteine diets, for smokers, after a drink

No sugar, zero calories

The new generation : Liquid mints with a double taste.
Great ideas have something unique inside …

  • Double liquid gives double taste : result of a double capsule technology.
  • Instant freshness in your mouth
  • Persistant freshness in the stomach
  • Modern, discrete, confortable, practical
  • Protected by international patents
  • Small, easy, impulse buying…..a new opportunity for your business
Directions : use one pearl for a fresh breath and a fresh stomach 
  • Take one pearl and put in on your tongue
  • Let the outer pearl melt
  • Swallow the inner pearl

Avoid high temperature, humidity and sunlight

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 24 × 12.5 × 3 cm