PaperMints 24 Strips – Display 24 Units 1.70€/pc


The Original Mint leaf that melts on the tong for an instant fresh breath.

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Display of 24 units PAPERMINTS (pack) with 24 Papermints strips

PaperMints® pack contains 24 mint leaves   (dimensions of the pack 46 x 30 x 8 mm)

PaperMints Strips with YOUR LOGO see

The famous mint leaves that melt on your tongue, procure you a refreshing breath after a drink  or a smoke

Sugar free. No calories

Directions : consume one leaf for instant breath refreshment
1. Take one sleeve (strip) and put in on your tongue.
2. Let it melt

Avoid high temperature, humidity and sunlight


Papermints : How they are produced ?
– you cook a mixture of different ingredients
– add mint flavour
– spray in on a film
– cool it
– cut it in rolls as old films in cinema
– cut it into pieces
– and put them into boxes

  The taste is better and stronger than all the competitors products

The original Technology developed in Japan

The strips are 60 Micron thick and flat

The mint just melts on your tongue

Additional information

Weight 1.70 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 9.5 × 7 cm