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Article 1: General provision

The present general conditions apply to all offers submitted by PaperMints S.A., as well as to the total of agreements and contracts concluded between PaperMints S.A. and the client, notwithstanding any conflicting stipulations or possible conditions of the client.
Every order implies the client’s acceptance without reservations of the present conditions.

Article 2: Offer-Order-Confirmation

2.1 Unless stipulated otherwise, PaperMints S.A. is bound by its offers for a maximum period of one month.
2.2 All order are binding on the client in an irrevocable way and they cannot be cancelled even before their acceptance by PaperMints S.A.

Orders are held to be accepted only after confirmation in writing by PaperMints S.A.
In the event of non-conformity between an offer and the confirmation of order, the client is deemed to have expressed agreement with the latter’s content if he has not, within eight days of receipt, given notice in writing of his refusal or possible reservations.
Orders booked by our representatives and the latter’s decisions are not binding on PaperMints S.A. until confirmation in writing by PaperMints S.A.

Article 3: Prices

Prices indicated in PaperMints S.A.’s confirmations of order are recommended prices.
Goods and services are invoiced at the price of the tariff operative on the date of dispatch, i.e. of handing over to the carrier.

Article 4: Periods of delivery

The periods of delivery given are indicative and the client does not have recourse in case of their non-observance.

Article 5: Acceptance – Delivery – Dispatch

5.1 Dispatch and delivery are always at the client’s risk without any responsibility for PaperMints S.A., as goods are deemed delivered on leaving warehouses, and received and accepted only in our warehouses; this shall hold even if, on the client’s request, we would transport the goods to a place indicated by the client. In the latter case, taxes as well as insurance, postal and packing charges are invoiced to the client by PaperMints S.A. and are subject to the present general conditions, specifically to the stipulations in Article 7. Acceptance regards also the method of packing used.

5.2 Every delivery has to be received by the client or his mandatory in writing by signing the duplicate of the delivery note.

Article 6: Compaints – responsability

6.1 All complaints are to be effected by registered mail within 8 days following delivery. Never does any complaint authorize the client to compensate or suspend payment of outstanding invoices.
6.2 In any case PaperMints S.A.’s responsibility is limited to, according to its own choice, either remedy of flaws occurred, replacement of goods, granting a reduction in price or restitution of the latter, with the express exemption of payment of any compensatory damages, even in cases of serious faults.

Article 7: Payment

Unless stipulated otherwise in writing, invoices are payable in Euro with, to their nominal amount, without discount.
We do not accept cheques.International payments must be done on our IBAN account, without bank costs for us.

Article 8: Force majeure

Cases of force majeure legally and without obligation of indemnity release PaperMints S.A. of all responsibility concerning the periods of delivery. In the event of partial or total discontinuation of work, PaperMints S.A. reserves the right to either rescind or reduce the agreement or to continue its execution, prolonged by a period corresponding to the duration of such interruption, without obligation of compensatory damages. In case PaperMints S.A. would opt for rescission, the client is to be notified to this effect by registered letter within a period of one month following the event which occasioned this decision.

Apart from the case provided by law, as circumstances of force majeure will be considered fires, floods, bad weather conditions, wars, machine breakdowns, strikes, lack of material or means of transport, shortage of personnel…etc., hampering or obstructing production or dispatch.

Article 9: Copyright

9.1 On account of the legal provisions concerning artistic property rights and unfair competition, all models, drawings and compositions designed by PaperMints S.A., regardless of used technique, remain its property and may not be imitated or reproduced. Their reproduction or imitation without prior permission constitutes a counterfeit or an act of unfair competition.

The assignment or invoicing of compositions, films, plates or negatives do not entail any derogation to the preceding, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
9.2 Composition, films, plates,… are property of PaperMints S.A.

Article 10:

The goods sold remain the property of PaperMints S.A. until full payment of the invoices.
If a cheque or any other bill has been transmitted, only the actual cashing of the cheque or the collection of the bill will be considered as a payment.
The delivery of the goods to the client or to the carrier transfers the risks to the customer.
If the customer refuses to accept the delivery for any reason whatsoever, PaperMints S.A. is entitled to claim all costs for transportation and storage and any other costs or damages caused directly or indirectly by the refusal.

Article 13: Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising among parties shall, by express agreement, belong to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Nivelles.